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When is the next wedding? Goverment covid guidelines.

Well you all know that there have been no weddings since the middle of March 2020 due to Covid, and many of the wedding vendors have been are suffering significant losses but some have shown huge initiative by turning their skills to another area in order to survive.

The government help schemes were not available to us for technical reasons, but we have kept going by doing Doortraits, and prints sales. We turn up at your doorstep for 10-20 minutes, takes a few hundred photos and then professionally edit them and deliver them to the It is a great way to keep our editing skills sharp and we deliver to the clients photos that we are really proud of. 

We do not make big bucks from this, but it does pay some running costs and we are still here!!!!!

The great news is that weddings are a go from 4 July 2020.

The BBC published the following on 29-6-20

As weddings typically bring lots of families and friends into close contact, they are particularly vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus. The government has published guidelines on how to have a ''Covid-secure'' wedding in England, once they can take place again from 4 July:

  • Venues can only reopen if they can do so safely
  • Ceremonies should be kept as short as possible
  • No food or drink should be consumed unless it is essential for the ceremony
  • Group singing and playing of instruments should be avoided
  • A maximum of 30 people should attend ceremonies, and only where there is space to socially distance. This includes all guests, the officiant and any staff not employed by the venue, like a photographer
  • Social distancing of at least one metre between different households should be practised at all times
  • It is''strongly advised'' that receptions do not take place afterwards, with only small celebrations of six people outside or two households inside taking place
  • The venue should keep a temporary record of visitors for 21 days, in case they need to be traced

The government says it is working with the weddings industry to see how receptions could take place safely in the future.

The Problem for our clients as we see it is:

1     To hold a wedding subject to the "Guidelines"  will not be what you have visualised or imagined your"day"will be.

2     This is your big day and of course you want to celebrate it with your family and friends, but no food, no singing or dancing, is this really going to be a wedding? Certainly not one that we have ever photographed.

3    A list of attendees has to be kept in case someone catches the virus and can then be traced and everyone at the wedding will have to quarantine for 14 days. What if you have to go to work the next week and are asked to quarantine yourself?

The Solution:

We could go on and on with a list of all sorts of scenarios, but we think the bottom line for couples is to postpone to next year.

By saying this we feel like we are cutting of our nose to spite our face.

We are sure many will disagree, but what will you do if you all get Covid and have to quarantine? Do you want socially distanced photos? Can people hug each other?

Chris Hobson

About the author

My passion is wedding photography, and I am also a traveller to Australia which I have visited many times. In my spare time I support a charity called Hockey for Heroes for whom I have taken thousands of pictures over the years

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