About Us

"We help you get natural and beautiful pictures of your wedding so that you forever have vivid memories of the love and happiness of your day". 

We are Chris and Cath and photography is our passion.

We know

  • This is your most important day of your life.
  • This is the day when you want natural wedding photos. as you are not going to repeat it.
  • This is the day  you want to  enjoy with your family and friends.
  • This is the day that you want to remember forever. 
  • This is the day when you don't want to feel self-conscious in front of the camera.
  • How do you do the above?
  • click the Contact button below and we will show you how. 

And we promise we are going to deliver to you all the above.

Amie and Ben

We have just had a look through all of our photos of the wedding and we are completely blown away

Katrina and Mark

You gave us the gift of wonderful memories

Beth and Hugo

Phillip Stainsby (father of the bride)

Hi Chris - I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the photos, they really are excellent and a great way to remember the wedding for years to come.  

Lottie and Kerri

We have just had a quick look through. They are amazing


Judith and Steve

Thank you so much for the amazing photos! They were full of fun and laughter, which I think summed up the day perfectly!

Katie and Jonny

Chris, they are amazing!!!! They have really captured our day. Thank you so so so much to you and Cath. Thanks so much again, couldn’t have asked for better photographers.


Hailey and Lizzie

“The pictures are absolutely amazing, you captured the day perfectly and they were far more than our expectations. Everyone loves them and will treasure them forever! The video made us, my brother and sister cry. You created a perfect image of our love and family in a way no one else could. We had so much fun with you and it was a joy having you there. We are so glad Claire hired you. You are an amazing photographer and a lovely person.”


Nikki and Anthony

We sat down and had a good look at our photos last night. You have captured our day so perfectly in every way. The laughs, the smiles, the details and the love. We are so grateful to have such special memories captured in such an authentic and natural way. Thank you both so much! We are absolutely thrilled!!! 


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Hi, I'm Chris

Cath and I are based in Hertfordshire and we travel to all parts of the UK.

Cath is an ex-cop and I'm an ex-lawyer.  

Trust and Integrity is so important to us.

When I started my wedding business I wrote my Mission Statement, and this is the first line.

"I help you (the happy couple) get natural and beautiful pictures of your wedding so that you forever have vivid memories of the love and happiness of your day".

My sister said it was cheesy? Maybe it is, but it is also true.

My photography journey began back in 1975 using an old Zenith film camera. Most of the photos were just awful, but some were not. No mobile phones then, and certainly no camera phones. The most instant photo was the polaroid, and ironically I am seeing so many of these at weddings these days.

From about the mid 80's to  early 2000 I hardly used a camera, and on reflection I am not sure why. I certainly took one on holiday but not much more than that.

My inspiration to get back into photography was my two kids who were into sport. I bought my first Canon digital camera in 2004, and since then I have taken 100s of 1000s of hockey and rugby photos, plus lots of landscapes, parties, events and of course weddings.

The turning point for me in my career, my photography journey, and my previous career as a lawyer, was a 10 week trip to Australia in 2016.

I realised that my real passion for life was photography, so I gave up my legal career and decided to follow my passion, photography.

In 2018 I became a full time professional photographer, having jacked in my career as a lawyer, and what a relief that was. No more commute, no more 9-5, or in my case 8-10, just full on photography and it is fantastic. 

Now, Cath and I have combined to form Chris and Cath Wedding Photography.

To me a great photo is one that is full of emotion, captures the moment and that little expression that says so much.

We cannot wait to capture your memories of your wedding from getting ready to the first dance, and creating photos that show all the emotion.

Hi, I'm Cath

Many years ago I had a Kodak 126 camera followed by  an Olympus Trip... I loved my pictures and even today they take me back to happy school and university days! 

40 plus years since my first camera, marriage to Geoff, two daughters, Katy and Ruth and a wonderful career in policing. 

But now I am following my passion.

I retired from policing and my camera is always with me. Then I met Chris. Our daughters played hockey together at St Albans Hockey Club and we just ‘clicked!’. Now we are Cath and Chris Wedding Photography.

We have the same goal, to capture  your emotional response, your joy and to make you go WOW!

Just amazing... and we can do this for you, your family and your family to come! 

Let us take those pictures for you and your family's future.

As an aside my wedding pictures were taken by my Scenes of Crime Officer... just a handful of photos. He was not a wedding photographer and luckily no crimes were committed, but when I see them, 30 years on, It takes me back to that wonderful day and I still melt!

Get wedding photos that you love, ones that make you light up every time you look at them, even if you usually hide when cameras are around.

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